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Nos engagements


Stays in hamlets of cottages, villas, chalets, mobile home, unusual accommodations and apartments.

The REVEA locations have been selected to offer you the warranty of a friendly and healthy stay, suitable for the well-being of everyone and for the reunion with families or friends.

Our destinations offer you human-size tourism of quality, respectful of the environment.

In order to expand its touristic offer, REVEA has signed agreements with many different partners, thereby offering you a wider range of destinations.


Our quality label, which is signed by every destination that we offer, insures you:

  • A comfortable and ready-to-live-in accommodation
  • An access to a swimming place on site or nearby
  • An access to different services and entertainment facilities


Classification of the REVEA locations:

In order for you to differentiate the destinations and therefore to better select the place where you will spend your holidays, the REVEA sites have been classified:

A questionnaire is sent by email to our clients after their stay (summer stays). The analysis of these surveys, and a rigorous control of our sites during the season, allow us to establish an internal ranking of our destinations. The main criteria are:

  • Quality of the accommodation (facilities, size, age)
  • Presence and quality of the reception
  • Touristic infrastructures and services


The destinations are ranked 1, 2, 3 or 4:

classement1 Excellent comfort and/or very pleasant environment and/or outstanding services and/or diverse and high quality leisure facilities

classement3 Good comfort and/or pleasant environment and/or fully equipped and/or diverse leisure facilities

classement2 Comfortable, many services and traditional environment

classement1 Comfort, simple services and facilities